...are becoming more aware of student/learner individual differences.

... want to explore how to honor individual differences while teaching content.

...are challenging their learners to think in different ways by developing their HOT Skills!

It's a transformational process!

Honoring the Differences

Honoring the Differences

It's a Transformational Process!


Each new semester, teachers and learners enter classes thinking a certain way about the teaching/learning process. Often, a teacher will have a roomful of "students" who are more interested in the grade than learning the content or developing the abilities needed to think for themselves. Many will be in somewhat of a coccoon.

Much like the struggle involved in the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly, teachers will be INSPIRED to: push, stretch, stress, be CHALLENGED, and finally be EMPOWERED to teach in a way that will take each "student" on a transformational journey to begin flying as a "life long learner", with HOT Skills for thinking.

Enjoy the transformation,
Patti Sikes

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